SOMA Breath - A Personal Experience

A new Breath Work technique that's converted me to online courses and expands our consciousness with specifically designed brainwave music, intention setting and breathing patterns.

SOMA Breath Work

“Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”

I was tempted to go into all the benefits of Breathwork, all the different techniques that help us both physically and emotionally and speak a little about SOMA. But I decided to make it personal instead. What I hope to provide is a personal account of my time with Breath Work, how it's helped me and what my journey has been with it, through all the ups and downs.

If you'd like to find out what breath work is, how SOMA is a big part of the movement and to see all the benefits that breath work can provide, check out our SOMA Page.

I'm more interested in healing than in hiding.”

My experience with SOMA

I've tried many different techniques from many different teachers over the yeas but somehow I couldn't keep the practise up. Maybe it wasn't full enough to keep me fully engaged, or maybe I wasn't ready to fully commit to one technique. Either way, it never quite stuck. Then, at a community I'm connected with in Guatemala, a man came to visit that had just completed the online instructor program who said that he could guide a quick session before he had to leave.

We were on the edge of a volcanic crater around the beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, out in the open air under the vast sky. It was the perfect setting for an introduction into this magical technique.

I certainly wouldn't be writing about SOMA right now, and I probably wouldn't be a qualified SOMA Instructor either, just 9 months on. It's safe to say, that day changed my life.

So, why?

SOMA Breath uses specifically designed brainwave music that brings us deeper into ourselves by dropping us from our beta brainwaves (the conscious, thinking mind - the one being used to read this blog right now), down to alpha and theta brainwaves (the subconscious mind - where old patterns are stored and where the truest sense of connection is felt.)

And that is what happened that day. I felt the music re-wiring my brain and as I let go and surrendered deeper and deeper into the experience, my whole body and entire existence dissolved, leaving me in total bliss and at one with all.

After the experience I was so curious to find out how to learn more and how to share it with others that also seek a deeper meaning to life. And that's been my journey up until now. Firstly enquiring about how and where to learn, then learning the technique for myself over 4 months of self study and lots of breathing, to then guiding and sharing it with others who also wanted to learn.

I first took the 21 day Awakening Program to dive head first into the technique, to learn all the different breathing patterns and all the science behind how breath work can transform our physical body, our mental state and our future selves by learning how to manifest our dreams. It became very sciencey and amazingly it fascinated me!

For many years I tried intention setting and read all about manifesting which I naively thought I understood, but then through learning how the brain works and how to really put intention into something, the practices every day became so much stronger and deeper. I loved sitting down knowing that each time I did I could really give it a go. And that's what I've been doing ever since.

After the 21 Day Awakening Program I was still hooked and ready to learn how to guide sessions which lead me to taking the instructor program that took just over 2 months to finish. Before the journey, we brought yoga mats, we brought a great little speaker and rented our own cottage in the valleys of Central Portugal to fully immerse ourselves into the training. It was the perfect setting with our own kiwi and grape vines in our back garden and figs galore scattering the streets, waiting to be enjoyed after each breathwork session.

Now, it's not always been that blissful journey into oneness that I first experienced which was a bit of a humbling reality check, I must admit. But I soon realised that breath work reveals all kinds of things once we allow ourselves to journey with it.

So, I've felt anger, pain, fear, shame, resentment, joy, ecstasy and oneness. I've also found almost every conceivable excuse imaginable to find a way to convince myself not to do it on those challenging days. But whenever that voice won and I took a day off, I somehow always ended up missing it. This is when I deeply felt that the struggles (just as the triumphs) are apart of the experience.

So, it's a journey, like all the best things. One I found to be so incredibly rich and rewarding, growthful and revealing. And each journey still provides me the opportunity to really see where I'm at mentally and then invites me to change that into a higher vibration, if I want to.

If I don't want to, that's when the fear, resentment and anger really turn up. So I've quickly learnt that whatever I bring to a session is whatever I will gain from it. And the same can be said of life.

A beautiful teacher says - "the breath is always breathing, whether we are aware it or not. Our task is to see how often we can be with it as that shows us how often we are with life itself. And not just with life itself, but what kind of life too. The quality of our life depends on the quality of our breath."

So, I ask you - what is the quality of your breath?

SOMA Breath offers so much online and in retreat spaces around the world. If this has inspired you or peeked your curiosity and you want a to find out more, SOMA has a free webinar online or a free 7 day intro course to see if it's for you. They also have the 21 Day Awakening Program if you're ready to dive right in or the full instructor program if you're really ready to dive right in. Click on the links below to find out how.

For a Free Webinar click here

For the free 7 Day Intro Course click here

For the full 21 day Awakening Journey click here

Or for the Full Instructor Course click here

May your breath guide your way. And may the way be guided.

Happy breathing!

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