Shilajit - A Must Know Health Supplement.

Learn what Shilajit is and how it's formed over millions of years. See its huge array of health benefits and learn where you can find a pure source.

Shilajit in its raw organic form.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is formed over millions of years but starts with a single drop. A drop of water high up in the mountains hits the earth and starts its journey into a new form. As rain falls down and is absorbed into the earth, it begins a mammoth journey from the surface of the Earth to its deepest caves and crevices where Shilajit is formed, just as the picture above shows.

The earths surface acts like a charged organic sponge which over time creates extremely rich and healthy soils. With the right conditions such as low temperatures (like those found high in the mountains of the Himalayas), pressure, lots of moisture and a lack of light - all of these factors allow for a wide diversity of soil organisms to thrive. Shilajit is the by-product of this process sometimes taking millions of years to create.

Shilajit has many components that make it so special but the foundation lie in fulvic acids and trace minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium etc.).

Fulvic acids are tiny particles that contribute to the process within the earth's spongey surface. They are negatively charged particles and with anything negatively charged, it attracts its opposite which is a particle that's positively charged. It's this combination that brings fulvic acid and trace minerals together where they work in such harmony to carry rich minerals, metals and nutrients inside of them while being so small they can penetrate any cell membrane to enhance it's potential.

The benefits of Fulvic Acid:

  • Supports Gut Health and Boosts Metabolism

  • Tackles Pollution (both in the bodies environment and also in nature)

  • Promotes Cellular Cleansing

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Aids Recovery Process From Injury, Surgery & Trauma

  • Helps Maintain Radiant Skin

  • Boosts Energy Levels

  • Possibly Increases Longevity of Life

  • May Support Chemotherapy Treatment

  • Boosts Brain Function

Many researchers show that today we are often lacking trace minerals in our diet which then relates to our body. This could be due to the soils becoming less fertile or down to the fact that these processes take so long where by in todays world, things move much quicker and get developed far wider than we really need.

So, possibly adding a rich trace mineral supplement to our diet, like fulvic acids and trace minerals found in Shilajit, we could boost our bodies up to the necessary nutritional balance we need to function at our full capacity.

Where Is Shilajit Commonly Found?

Shilajit is found high up in mountainous regions such as the Himalayas. This is due to the purity of water, the low temperatures, the lack of light in the areas it's found and the richness of its organic soils.

Back in the 1800's, the British Explorer Sir Martin Edward Stanley observed how monkeys were licking a 'black tar like resin' and how these monkeys seemed to live healthier and longer into their old age. He was very curious about this so he asked some locals who explained it was Shilajit. And that's how it went from the high Himalayan mountains known extensively among it's people to the West, where scientists up until this day are still discovering new aspects to Shilajit and seeing how it's incredible chemical and biological structure can aid in so many of the health benefits that are lacking today.

What are the health benefits of Shilajit?

There are a wide range of health benefits in Shilajit. The list really goes on and more are still being discovered today.

Here are a few of the most ground breaking ones.

  • Promotes bone tissue regeneration as well as connective tissue, collagen and cartilage, thereby supporting the healing process of bone fractures, aiding bone transplants, and speeding up wound recovery.

  • Maintains Blood Balance of electrolytes in the body, fighting off dehydration and helping consistent blood pressure.

  • Facilitates organ repair and strengthenes bodily defences against damage to all tissues in the body.

  • Supports the secretion of mucous and enzymes which help expel unwanted items from the gut and respiratory system, as well as aiding digestion.

  • Enhances our immune response by boosting its efficiency.

  • Helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.

  • Boosts Central Nervous System which aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

  • Promotes the longevity of neurons, having a positive outcome on cognition.

  • Promotes the cellular elimination of free radicals.

  • Boosts levels of growth hormone and testosterone.

  • Promotes a natural cellular lifecycle, from birth to death.

  • Promotes bile secretion which aids in the reduction of cholesterol .

  • Supports a healthy heart.

  • May offer safe nutritional support to HIV patients, who are at a high risk of nutritional deficiency.

  • Enriches the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

  • Facilitates strong, healthy muscle and bone growth.

  • Optimizes energy production, fending off weakness and lethargy.

  • Enhances the skins defences against UV radiation and supports a quick recovery from altitude sickness.

In a time where we are fighting unknown viruses, 5G radiation and other potentially silent forces at work, bringing in a supplement to help the body back into balance gives it the best chance to live in a world it's still adapting to.

We are looking forward less and less these days and instead seeing and learning from the past. As more and more people are feeling the necessity to grow their own food, find a clean water source and learn ancient teachings passed down from generation to generation, so too are we looking at ancient wisdom to help promote a healthy life. And that's how Shilajit is gaining traction, especially as science is building a stronger and stronger case towards its incredible capabilities.

In what form does Shilajit come?

To make Shilajit able to be consumed by humans it undergoes a complex process that starts high up in the mountains. Firstly it's harvested and extracted in its raw organic form. It's then processed to remove any impurities such as dirt or gravel.To remove these impurities, the Shilajit undergoes extraction via water, filtration, centrifugation (or stirring) and evaporation to dry it out.

It then enters its purification stage where it's added to fresh spring water where it dissolves and any impurities still remaining float to the surface.

At this point it is a very diluted substance which needs to brought back into concentration. This is done in 3 ways - freeze drying, boiling and sun dried.

It's a complex process and one that hasn't changed much over the thousands of years since it started. The more modern approaches of freezing are most certainly not an ancient practise but one that's been adapted to the modern day.

Are there different purities of Shilajit?

Yes. And the answer lies in where it's been harvested. The higher the altitude, the more pure the Shilajit. Typically, anything under 14,000ft is considered less pure than Shilajit harvested from 14-16,000ft + (that's why the Himalayas is such a great source!).

See the image below to give you some perspective.

How many forms does Shilajit come in?

Shilajit comes in 6 forms:

  1. Resin

  2. Liquid

  3. Solid

  4. Powder

  5. Tablet

  6. Capsule

The different ways to process Shilajit create slightly different benefits.

Resin Shilajit has less refinement than powdered or solid form. It has no buffers or fillers added in. It is highly bioavailable and easy to absorb and it lasts a very long time if stored away from heat, oxygen and sunlight.

Liquid Shilajit is as natural as possible with little refinement. It contains the most plant nutrients, enzymes and trace minerals, boosting its efficiency. There are no buffers or fillers added in either and it's highly bioavailable and easy to absorb by both the gut and the brain. It lasts a long time if stored away from heat, oxygen and sunlight. And there is no wait time for consumption - you can take it instantly.

It does however take more care to store as refrigeration provides the best outcomes which means it is generally more difficult to travel with and is commonly the most expensive form to buy Shilajit in.

Solid Shilajit is a very stable concentrated version and boosts the same benefits with no buffers or fillers added in and it being highly bioavailable and easy to absorb. It also lasts a very long time if stored away from heat, oxygen and sunlight and is very easy to travel with and store.

The only consideration for taking the Solid Shilajit is there is a wait time for it dissolve before consumption.

Powder Shilajit boosts the same benefits as the others above with being easily absorbed, easy to travel with and no added buffers or fillers.

It is easier to spill and make a mess of however so if you are a little clumsier than most, the powder may cause some trouble! Other than that, it's a great way to consume Shilajit.

Tablet & Capsule Shilajit have little to no flavour which many people prefer as the other options can produce quite a strong taste in the mouth. Tablets & Capsules can be taken immediately with no wait time and they also last a very long time if stored away from heat, oxygen and sunlight which makes them great travel companions.

Tablets & Capsules can naturally have binders or filters in them however so it can be slower to digest the Shilajit and also, due to its processing, it can be overheated which slightly lowers its potency.

Shilajit really is an incredible substance and one that's gaining more and more credibility as time passes and tests are conducted.

We are simply a product of what we feed our bodies and as modern science has shown us, the environment we are in and environment we provide for our cells, directly influences it's ability to function and heal. By adding supplements such as Shilajit, millions of years of nutrients and the earth's rich evolutionary wisdom is directly transmitted to our cells.

"Loved it! Thank you! I choose the liquid form and the powder form so one sits in the fridge and the other travels with me, it's the perfect combination! I feel a lift in energy and a clearer mind. I'm a big coffee drinker so I add a little to my morning cup and enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you!"

To find out more about Shilajit or to look into buying Shilajit and trying it for yourself, click here to discover what options there are.

Thank you for journeying with me into this magical supplement. I hope this has shone some light on an incredible alternative supplement that's readily available to try and test out its benefits.

Wishing you a healthy body, a healthy heart and a healthy mind!

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