Living On The Earth In A New Way

In an ever changing world, we take a look at what's been before and see how the Earth's blank canvas has become a colourful masterpiece.

I wrote this little passage after my partner and I were discussing how the Earth has been struggling for many years under the strain of human activity and of what our mental chatter (our thoughts) have been saying in response to this.

Since then the coronavirus has spread across the globe, shutting almost every country down and keeping humans locked inside.

I do deeply believe in the enormous power of our thoughts and how all thoughts create the reality we find ourselves in. So, on some level I do feel with the discussion my partner and I were having, along with the thoughts of millions of other people who were and are having similar internal discussions around this topic, felt a change was needed.

I think we all knew deep down things had to shift. We were just unsure of what that would look like if it did.

I take a look at what's been before and try to see it from the Earth's point of view, hopefully giving us some encouragement at what we've achieved and to how best we can move forward from here.

The Earth's Canvas

As children play their excitement builds and as their excitement builds more and more energy comes through them to enjoy the moment they are in. Their toys, which were once orderly and neat start moving further and further away and getting more muddled and mixed together as they move from one excited moment to the next.

The same is seen in the way they eat food too. That once neatly organised plate gets smushed, smashed, chewed, spat out and devoured. And chocolate can cover their whole face, as if their whole face was meant to enjoy the food, not limiting themselves to just their mouths.

If their playing with water, they can splash around and things can often become soggy and saturated, rip and tear, snap and break. Of course, up until the point of over-saturation or the tears start to show and the breaking point nears, the children are fully immersed in the creativity of these playful moments. Only when things start to rip and tear, snap and break do they get confused and tired. Maybe they begin to cry as that's how they find release. Then they search for comfort in the arms of their mother. They drop the games, leave the toys scattered, go inside to the warm embrace where they're told, 'don't worry, everything is going to be okay.'

And normally, everything is okay.

We are the children of this Earth and for many years our excitement has been building and building. Chocolate has covered the faces of millions, our toys have grown and spread further and further apart, much further than any one person believed possible, until eventually things started becoming saturated and we got tired when things started to break and we didn't know which was to turn.

We have been searching for our mother to say, 'don't worry, everything is going to okay.' But we can't seem to find her anywhere.

But if only we could listen, we would know she does say these things to us, over and over again. She's not waiting for a sorry from us, she's sorry for us.

Over the years she's been entranced, amazed and in awe at our creations. She gave us a blank canvas to work on, 4 elemental paints in the shape of Air, Fire, Water & Earth, and she invited us to design our masterpiece. She could never have imagined how these children could use these elements in all the different ways they have.

We've mastered aero-dynamics to fly us to every part of the world, to float satellites in space and to even go into space ourselves. We've managed to harness the wind to produce wind turbines that power our homes and electrical needs and we've even gone as far as to bottle oxygen to test our human limits to rise to the highest mountainous peaks and dive under the oceans surfaces to explore the magical world below.

We've manipulated and maneuvered water to nourish, wash and keep all the billions of people hydrated. We've bottled it, piped it, distilled it, dammed it, contaminated it and purified it again. We've learnt how to freeze it, evaporate it and use it in it's purity. We've often taken this life giving molecule far to for granted.

We've marveled at fire from the earliest of ages and kept it as a consistent companion in our development from then on. We've channeled it to keep us warm, help us cook and alchemise rock into glass. We've used it to blow up mountains so we could build roads to cross them and we've set fire to the lands to replenish and grow on again.

And it's all been danced on Earth's beautiful canvas, where we've dug and remolded, excavated and designed it to house and home us. In this process, Mother Earth has uncovered deep gems, diamonds, gold, crystals, minerals and gases and she's watched us play with all the different elements to combine forces and produce more things than anyone could have possibly dreamed of.

Earth's blank canvas became the most colourful and elaborate painting there ever was, changing shape and form as it filled every inch of it's surface. Then the children became tired and a little confused as there was no more room to paint. People started painting over one another's work saying, 'this looks better.' 'No, this looks better.' 'It should be bigger, brighter.' They began to squabble and cry. Their toys started to snap and break and the over saturated waters ripped and tore the edges of their creations.

We are these children who are now looking for that safe space to walk to where we can be held and told, 'don't worry, everything is going to be okay.' But now we're not sure anymore.

We are so sorry. Mother Earth is sorry for us. Let her hold us and show us that what we've achieved is truly remarkable, majestic, marvelous, magnificent, awe-inspiring and wondrous.

And it's all okay.

But just like those children whose toys have broken, we too have to walk away from our creations to pause, breathe and be held by our mother who can praise us and forgive us and then slowly begin to clean up the parts that are hurting her.

We need to pause and breathe and watch how she nourishes herself so we can live in harmony with her again. We have to drop the toys, stumble backwards, stagger towards the new unknown while admiring this wonderful painting we were encouraged to paint, knowing full well that we can never again paint this painting again but instead paint a new and altogether different one.

Or else there's not going to be anything left to paint at all.

We now know from science that all thoughts are creative and it's amazing to me to see how this writing came at a time that reflected my own and many other peoples internal dialogue. One that said we must stop, slow down, pause, breathe, let nature take a rest or at the very worst of times, humans need to be detained or culled in order for nature to continue.

I've gone down many avenues with these very contemplative thoughts and deeply felt that our thoughts do directly create the reality we are in. On a personal level and on a collective level. So it's no surprise that we are now in the middle of a crisis, with an unknown time frame of when or if it will ever go back to what it was before. We are in a time of death and disease and of panic and frustration.

Maybe this is the result of many many people having thoughts along the lines of we must stop, slow down, pause, breathe, let nature take a rest or for humans to be culled in order for nature to continue. And that's exactly what's happening.

It may not be how anyone envisioned it to be but when is a crisis ever what we thought it would be? By it's very nature, a crisis means it's out of our control.

It may be more constricting personally with the social distancing and temporary lock downs but none of us can deny that mother nature must be taking a big sigh of relief at this momentary pause, if nothing else.

And if we go back to how our thoughts create the reality we find ourselves in, thinking a despairing thought and feeling a despairing emotion leads to a despairing outcome. Then if we feel anger at how it's all turned out without tracing it back to the root source (our thoughts and feelings on a certain situation), we send out more anger that then creates an angry outcome. And the feedback loops continue.

We can soon forget all of the wonderful things we have achieved when we lose ourselves in these feedback loops and we start to fear having to let go of them. But once we see we have created all of it by our thoughts, we can then change our thought patterns to a new world we wish to see.

If we want to see real change, I feel we have to give thanks to all that has been before, see the joy in what we have created and live in a state of love and gratitude so that love and gratitude can flourish. This is the power of our thoughts. This is the challenge of today. We have a choice. It's in our hands. So, I ask you - which reality do you want to choose?

I am in control of my personal emotions which directly link to my personal reality which as Dr. Joe Dispenza says in Becoming Supernatural, becomes my personality. We can take control our thoughts, emotions and feelings and in doing so, we can start to create a new reality we wish to live in.

So, what can we do?

So much! There are so many incredible teachers who are rising up to share there messages. Messages of peace, love, healing, supernatural capabilities, meditation, breath work, yoga, qi gong, art, music, sound, relationship guidance and so much more!

It's a time to learn how to love yourself, and do the things that bring us closer to that part of ourselves. So, paint, write that new book that you've been wanting to write, read stories to children, listen to exciting podcasts, find new music, meditate, learn breath work, do yoga, run, begin the diet that you've always wanted to start. Do whatever it takes to create a whole new painting. A whole new Earth. We have the chance to paint on a beautiful new canvas! Let's embrace these times and implement the changes that many of us knew deep down were needed.

So, who's out there to help us?

Luckily, so many! Here are my recommendations.

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