Brainwave Music

Discover the universe as a wave and see how frequencies can unlock the keys to our subconscious.

What are brainwaves?

Take a look at the chart below which shows the different brainwaves that we go through.

In day to day life we normally operate in beta brainwaves where thinking, problem solving and communicating take place. It's a higher alert state of being, awake to its surroundings and ready to act where needed.

If we are busy at work, working through some complicated numbers, dealing with some team management issues or out networking to meet new people for our business, we are operating in the higher beta brainwave frequencies, nearer the top end of around 30hz.

When we read a book, do a jigsaw puzzle or are in a relaxed but awake state, we are operating in the lower beta brainwave frequencies, nearer the bottom end of around 15hz.

Most people operate in this zone of brainwave activity during the day and only then slip into alpha, theta and delta brainwaves at night, during sleep.

What if we could reach these states of consciousness without sleep?

Brainwaves can unlock many secrets to our sub-conscious mind if we allow ourselves to drop down from beta brainwaves to alpha, theta and in even gamma brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves act as the bridge between beta (the fully conscious mind) and theta (the sub-conscious mind). Once we enter theta brainwaves, if we enter fully awake, we can begin to reprogram our sub-conscious mind with positive affirmations and intentions for the future. During this time, we can release old trauma, transform old conditioning and plant seeds for a future we wish to see ourselves live in.

How do we move from beta to alpha to theta?

There are many different ways and it happens more often than we are aware of, even without us trying. But to receive all of the benefits, being awake as we move deeper and deeper into our sub-conscious mind gives us the opportunity to bring our intention and plant it into rich, fertile soil.

We can reach these states of consciousness through deep meditation, by a profoundly spiritual moment, psychedelic substances, love-making or by techniques such as breath work.

If we add in brainwave music (frequencies set to specific brainwaves) we can use the abundance of technology we have at our disposal to help us to drop down from beta brainwaves to alpha, theta, delta and gamma. It's a quick and easily accessible tool to change our brainwaves and change our frequency.

Brainwave music can be used for deep concentration if needing to write an important piece, it can be used for deep mediation, to open the heart centre, to calm the mind or to activate the third eye.

How does breath help?

If we are aware of our breath as we enter our sub-conscious, we can enter it very lucidly, thus being fully awake in areas of the mind that can bring real change. If we reach those deep states of consciousness fully awake, we can plant our intention into our sub-conscious mind to release old blockages, old conditioning or trauma that's holding us back.

The way intentions work is by having an intention and feeling an emotion such as love, gratitude, joy for already receiving what it is you're calling in. If you're calling in abundance, you can say - I am abundant. If you're calling in health, you can say - I am healthy. If you're calling in love, you can say - I am love. In this way we are re-programming our sub-conscious mind by sending signals that say I am already abundant, I am already healthy, I am already loved, therefore allowing the body and the mind to believe it's true before it's happened and thus bringing that energy towards you to make it so.

Our intention can be anything - to be more abundant, to find love, to forgive, for health, wealth, freedom. It can be anything we want to bring forward into our lives that creates a positive change for the good.

Are we energy or matter?

All of existence is a wave of energy resonating at different frequencies which all carry messages inside of the wave.

Matter has been said to be energy that moves slow enough to be seen.

We are energy beings, particles of light moving slow enough to be commingled into a magnificent design called a body where we are able to breathe, speak, dance, re-produce and wonder at the magnificence of it all with our ability to think and contemplate about how it all came to be? Who am I? And what is the purpose of it all?

When we allow ourselves to drop from beta to alpha to theta brainwaves and even deeper still to delta and even gamma brainwaves, we become less particle and more wave. Less matter and more energy. Energy is energy, it has no desire to be anywhere else other than where it's being directed. We have the capacity to direct energy wherever we want it to go, whether that's sending energy to cure an illness, to bring abundance into our lives, to find love or to become more creative. By raising our vibration high enough to become more wave (energy) and less particle (matter), we can begin to tap into highly conscious states of being and change our whole physical structure.

Anyone whose taking psychedelic substances before has felt the complete dissolution of reality. It can feel scary at first once we see that there is nothing to hold out anymore but simply a wave that's always moving, always evolving and always changing. Rising and passing away. Rising and passing away.

A life is a wave, slow enough to feel long sometimes as year after year passes but inevitably it's a wave that arises at birth and passes away at death. The breath coming in is a wave rising and as it goes out it passes away.

Every civilisation, planet and even universe is a wave. A glorious, extremely complex and incredibly beautiful wave is arising and passing away. Some waves take moments, others millennia, but everything is a wave and each wave carries a frequency.

By tapping into our different brainwaves we see this as truth. And when we deeply feel life as a wave, as energy arising and passing away, both internally and externally, we can see how temporary it all is, and then we can be in a state of wonder that we get to be in a human body where consciousness can look all around and see how majestic its creations are, in every living being it sees.

For the best sound to receive brainwave music, grab some headphones, take a nice deep breath and allow yourself to relax.

All of existence is waiting to welcome you.

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