Best Spiritual Books To Read

What are the best spiritual books to read?

What makes a good book? And what makes a book become a source of knowledge and refuge?

I get asked these questions quite often - 'What is a good spiritual book to read?' 'What's your favourite book? 'Where can I find a good new book on meditation? Manifestation? Mindfulness?'

This is why I've written this post. To share some of my favourites with you, the ones that are timeless, incredibly rich and full of wonder.

The path has been walked many times before and we are lucky enough today to be guided every step of the way, in so many different forms. So, my wish is that at least one of these suggestions resonates with you as I recognise every teacher and every teaching is unique for each person.

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“A person who reads can live a thousand lives before they die. A person who doesn't, only lives one.”

So, let's get to it.

  1. Conversation With God: An Uncommon Dialogue - Neale Donald Walsch

"If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world you're best."

This book transformed my life. It came at a time of deep questioning of the timeless classics - Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? And what is the purpose to it all? Through these questions, I found the answers to all of my doubts, fears and misunderstandings so simply and compassionately written in almost every single page of this book.

You can read it from front to back which reads as a complete dialogue or with time, you can pick it up anywhere and on any page and see what treasures await you.


Each page contains such wisdom and humour and such simplicity in the face of complex questions, with such truth and understanding that leaves nothing unturned.

I've cried and laughed and have shared them with as many people as I can.

Just as I am now.

2. The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman

"The is no path to Happiness. HAPPINESS is the path. There is no path to Love. LOVE is the path. There is no path to Peace. PEACE is the path."

This is one of my favourites! A beautiful journey of a young man feeling that there is more to life than what he was living but unsure of where to turn to find out, most of the time not even knowing he wanted to turn at all.

I love it because it shows the uncertainty of youth and the challenges to fully accept and surrender to a teacher and their teachings. It left me with such a heart felt, warm feeling that inspired me to continue down the spiritual path, knowing that the ups and downs and everything in between are all apart of the journey to fully embrace and let go of all the parts of self that prevent us from being A Peaceful Warrior.

3. Becoming Supernatural

"As long as you're thinking equal to your environment, your personal reality is creating your personality and there is a dance between your inner world and your experience in the outer world and that tango is called Karma."

If you're looking for one book to de-mystify you on our potential as humans, on how to manifest in your life, in the powers of positive thinking and how it directly influences our bodies and of the enormity of what it means to be Supernatural, this is your book.

I used to shy away from science, especially when I first started walking down the spiritual path, as I thought it to be too much in the mind and spirituality was to get out of the mind. But Dr. Joe Dispenza makes science cool, so cool that by exactly getting in the mind and figuring out how it all works and the reasons behind it, it helps to really break free from it.

So this is another book that changed my life, and continues to do so. He speaks so clearly and makes everything so easily graspable which really makes me feel like I can do it too. And the best bit is he shows you how. It really is an incredible book.

4. Eastern Body / Western Mind - Anodea Judith

This book walks through the chakra system using psychology to look into blockages, past traumas, and common threads to highlight aspects of the self that may not have been seen or understood before.

"Show me the boy at 7 and I'll show you the man."

That's what Judith Anodea does here. She looks at earliest imprints made since child birth and opens us up to the possibilities of change by understanding where and why blockages may still be stuck.

This is a remarkable book for self discovery. One that really shines light on childhood, our parents and our teachers that have brought us into this world.

It's also an incredible resource for anyone stepping into parenthood as it guides the readers through each chakra and how and at what age developments occur.

It's also a great resource for teachers teaching young children to better understand their behaviours and on how to support them work through traumas.

But most importantly, it's a book for the self. To fully embrace all those dark areas, those tender spots, those unturned spaces within and to liberate them by bringing them forward to be seen.

This book bridges East and West, male and female, childbirth and death, childhood and adulthood. It's a big read and one to digest over many reads. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

5. Tuesdays With Morrie

"Without love, we are birds with broken wings."

An old man and a young man, and life's greatest lesson.

An old man who became a friend once recommended this book to me in Australia by saying 'it's a game changer' but it took another 3 years to find it and read it. But then I knew exactly what he meant.

It's a memoir, a story, a dedication to a life lived so fully and passionately that it feels like I knew Morrie myself. It's a very simple and beautifully written little book, so loving, and makes even the dizziest topics easy to understand.

It's one of the cutest books I've read.

6. Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts

"One of the ironies of courage, and the reason why we prize it so highly, is that we find it easier to be brave for someone else, than we do for ourselves alone."

Surprised to see it make the top 10?

This epic novel makes the list! It's a violent, mafia, drug and crime fuelled masterpiece that's full of the most graphic scenes from the streets of India. As polarised as it could get by also having some of the most beautifully written, heart wrenching love stories I've ever read. And such deep philosophical teachings from those ancient mountains of the Mother Land.

I felt like I personally knew the people in this book and had to mourn them once they were gone. There are few books that I wish I hadn't already read just so I could read them for the first time. This is one them.

7. Siddhartha - Herman Hesse

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought."

This classic makes many a list and for good reason. If you've ever asked life's biggest questions and insatiably wanted to find answers, you'll resonate deeply with Siddhartha as he embarks on his journey.

Hesse takes the Buddha's real name Siddhartha Gautama and uses 2 characters that journey together from childhood to adulthood, seeking and searching.

Whenever I see a soul seeking truth, I often want to call them Siddhartha. That beautiful, painful, restless journey to inner knowing and peace.

It's a classic. Plus I love Herman Hesse so I'm a little biased.

8. The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran

"Then said a rich man, speak to us of giving."

This is a beautiful book and one I believe Kahlil Gibran wrote when he was only 21 which is quite remarkable considering the wisdom it holds.

It's about a old man leaving a city he has been living in for many years but before he goes, the people of the city ask him questions on Love, Friendship, Work, Marriage, Children and more.

It's beautifully written and told from a time that holds purity and a depth of wisdom.

It only recently came to me but I'm so grateful it did. It's profoundly simple with poetic charm and a depth of wisdom and understanding that always makes me smile.

9. Celestine Prophecy

"There is nothing more important to true growth than realising that you are not the voice of the mind but the one who hears it."

This book really struck something in me the first time I read it and continues to resonate a lot the more I journey on.

It explores how every being that comes into our path is here to show us something, whether it be a flying bird over head or a person walking down the street. Everything is important. Everything has meaning.

It's an adventure into energy work, soul seeking and South America. It's been one of my favourites for many years.

10. The Untethered Soul

"Letting go of Fear isn't let go of Life."

Packed full of wisdom and humour, this book could have been anywhere on this list.

It's where I first heard of the term 'inner roommate' and saw how my inner roommate is a rampaging part of myself. I started to pay a little more attention to him from this moment on.

I am always amazed at the simplicity of how he delivers his message.

It's beautifully written and one that truly aids in letting go of fear in favour of embracing love and life.

11. Jonathon Livingston Seagull

"If we let go of place, all we have is Here. If we let go of time, all we have is Now."

This is such a classic! Super easy to read and definitely possible in one sitting, something I've done many times.

You may never see seagulls the same again.

Told through the life of Jonathon, an outcast seagull that has to find his own journey after being outed by his flock so having to find a new way. Then he embarks on helping other seagulls do the same.

It's very cute, very profound and one that continues to bring joy every time I pick it up.

12. Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

"There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis."

Blink is the master at work. Gladwell collects unbelievable data, evidence and real events that have all happened in the blink of an eye. From racist attacks to judgements made in the sub-conscious level of our mind. Gladwell shows us how much is perceived and how much our conditioning often rules the choices we do.

It really is an extraordinary book. Ever since I have tried to carefully see how quick I am to judge and how my actions are guiding me by those deep rooted impressions that lie within the sub-conscious.

So, that's my list! I hope you enjoyed it and may it give you some tips on your next new book. Drop me a line if you feel like I've missed any, or a must that I can add.

If you have any comments, drop me a line.

Happy reading!

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