A Poem On Love

I wrote this to remember all the things that I love, from the past to the present and everything in between. But mostly I wrote this poem for Love itself.

Because, as the great quote says:

“Love, and do as you wish.”

The Things I Love

I love the letters of the alphabet. All 26 of them, consistent.

I love how those letters can make up words. And how those letters, formed into words, structured into sentences, are all we speak.

I love that the same words can be re-arranged to give a new meaning, a new appreciation, a new love. Just as these words are trying to do.

I love quotes we have to read twice because reading them once doesn’t feel right somehow. It's that good.

I love how we can recognise a song from its first beat. And how that beat can make us dance.

I love Dance. Ecstatic.

I love kirtans. And Bajans. Devoting. Celebrating.

I love those still moments, captured frame by frame. I love that we have something that can do this.

I love how photographs, however beautiful, never really capture it. I love how this reminds me to stay present.

I love the ocean. So much knowledge. So much unknown.

I love how tragedy brings us together. How it reminds us we're all one.

I love it more when joy brings us together. Celebrating that we're always better as one.

I love how art can become work, and work can become art.

I love the artist's ability to bring our thoughts to colour.

I love that everyone's an artist.

I love a child’s laugh. Neither earnt nor forced. Purity.

I love how children eat, as if their whole face is made to enjoy the food.

I love it more when adults remember this.

I love a cats thickleness. A cat’s single-mindedness.

I love a dogs open heart. Forever accepting.

I love the person that wrote "I love the person my dog thinks I am."

I love when a dogs sneezes; their whole body in expression.

I love writing letters, that limited space to express Love.

I love receiving them too. The imagery it gives of the sender sitting down, thinking of the time we've shared and those they're now trying to express.

I love imperfections; the mis-shaped nose, the nervous stutter, the half-bitten fingernails, the worn-down pants; slightly miscoloured and torn.

I love how imperfections become perfect. Become everything.

I love the fragility between living and dying. I love how we know how to live and how death reminds us of this.

The start and the end. Or the end and the beginning. Or the one great path. I love how none us of can be sure.

I love the standing babas, the monks, the healers, the enlightened ones. Such devotion.

I love the ones who don’t believe at all. Such acceptance.

I love elephants. The wise old owls. How many spirits do they have in them?

I love how men and women always think about other men and women.

I love the boundaries between friends and lovers. And how we know what feels right for us.

I love the curiosity to find out.

I love skin. The great protector. The great healer. The great canvas.

I love how we can cut, scrape, scar, burn, tear, rip and still it's ours. Forever changed, maybe, but forever ours.

I love how when skin touches skin it can be electric.

I love how, if we stay grounded, electricity is safe within us.

I love how a feather can tickle or choak. How that can be the difference between pleasure or pain. I love how we can choose.

I love the search. For the Source. For the Divine. For the Infinite.

I love the broken, the bruised, the heart-broken, the bitter, the cynic, the lost. I love how a smile from a stranger can undo all of this.

I love the telephone. I love the first sentence ever spoken through it, 'Come here, I want to see you.' And how many times that’s been spoken since.

I love songs in a foreign language that somehow, I understand. I love it more when I don't.

I love how a song can keep its true meaning until we're ready to really listen. I love the power that can give.

I love eyes. The brown ones. The green ones. The blues ones. The fully black ones.

The eyes that see deeper.

I love tears in people’s eyes. A rare thing; that water rises and then falls.

I love how words come through those colours.

I love the beautiful uncomfortableness that can sometimes bring. But once relaxed, I love how seemingly free it feels to look into someone’s eyes and say I love you, just with a look.

And I love how that’s felt. Through the eyes and spread throughout the body; A quickened heartbeat, a sweaty palm. I love how the body responds.

I love that in that moment, I’m perfect to that person.

I love our ability to change. Our ability to let go.

I love that these always come at the right time, even when it doesn’t feel like the right time at all. Acceptance.

I love that someone, somewhere, is writing my new favourite book.

I love how NOW is a gift. That's why we call it the present.

I love cartoons. Tom & Jerry. Recess. I love how this reminds me of my brother.

I love how there's no distance too long for best friends. I love how it's not even considered a distance at all.

I love the trees, the forest, the jungles. How willing they are to be neighbours. How rooted they've become.

I love that one tree can make a thousand matches. And how one match can burn a thousand trees.

I love that we make animals from clouds. And see people in the rocks.

I love the brain. The comparison to the computer. The only comparison of its self it can find to comprehend.

I love Philosophy. And stupidity.

I love someone’s grace. And when someone falls over.

I love the sound of the ocean. Kissing the sand as they search for their boundaries, wave after wave.

I love the shapes in running water. And how light hits, reflects and passes through it.

I love the underwater world. That feeling - Absolution.

I love flying. I'll always love that we can.

I love incense. I love how a smell can be associated with a person or place.

Guatemala. Nag Chamgpa.

Of all fruits; strawberries. Peas are my childhood veg.

Black coffee. Ginger tea. Custard cream biscuits.

I love grapes. The Green Ones. The Red Ones.

To eat. To drink.

As a way of remembering my Grandma.

I love puzzles; a simple picture cut into pieces. I love that however many pieces it's cut into, it can always be put back together.

I love that puzzles remind me of my Grandad.

I love the sound when the sails are up. I love it more when there's no sound at all.

Everything as one.

I love that boat work never stops. Such honesty.

I love to surrender. Fully. Wholeheartedly.

I love to kiss. 2 tongues finding their rhythm. And how the hands want to explore.

The curves of her jawline. The tenderness of her cheeks.

The tingles, the chills, the excitement of another’s touch, knowing exactly how.

I love how we can close our eyes and see each kiss again.

I love how we close our eyes to feel the most important things; a kiss, a prayer, a song.

Some things are meant to be unseen.

I love the smell of old books. And to think of where they've been before getting to where they are. What hands have held you? What thoughts have you evoked?

The true adventurers.

I love when a friend writes a list of songs I'll like.

I love it more when we listen to them together.

I love taking a bath.

I love putting my ears underwater. I love how this is where I find most peace.

Of all the thousands of years, I love that I’m here with these beautiful people. How lucky we are to share this time. Of all the times, we get this one, together.

I love thinking about the universe. Such mystery. And I love that it will forever be this way.

I love a sunrise. I love that everything is possible at this time.

I love ants. I love wondering where they're going. What are they always working towards? I wonder if other species think that of us too?

I love that words never age. As for the reader, in this moment, they're the most present of all.

I love the word. The power without it. The pauses taken to express what words cannot. The words spoken in those silences.

I love that one day I sat down in a room with a stranger and she became my best friend.

I love being in love. I love however much I try, I’m still hopeless at it.

I Love. Sometimes misplaced but always whole-heartedly. Sometimes misguided but always directed. Always in as it’s all there is.

Love. Love. Love.

So, now I ask you the question - What is it that you love?

See how it feels to write your own list. If not for you, maybe for Love itself.

After all, that's where it started for me.

Drop Me a Line, Let Me Know What You Think