Welcome To Spirit Becoming!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Welcome! And thank you for joining me as I explore Earth and Spirit! I'm excited to share my writings here and also explore many different topics, projects and products that merge earth and spirit together. We write Spiritual Blogs, share our knowledge on Healthy Alternative Supplements and Online Breath Work Courses among many other topics and interests along the way. 

I've been lucky enough to travel the world, trying many different foods, learning new cultures and exploring many teachings that have opened up to me. My wish here is to share as I learn, and learn as I share as one of the greatest things I cherish most about learning is the joy it brings to share it with others. 

I've travelled the world for the past 10 years and I remember distinctly saying to myself before I left with all the innocence and naivety of a 20 year old who didn't know any different that - 'I give this 10 years. I think I'll be done by then.' Whatever 'done' meant, I don't quite know. Maybe it meant that travelling to unknown places with just a backpack and an adventurous wild spirit searching the earth for love was it. 

But here we are, 10 years later and gladly saying it's not over, but only just begun. Wherever Earth merges with Spirit, I'll be there. And if I can't be there, my wish is to guide others to those places that hold adventure, love, joy, expansion, challenge and growth. 


My passions are Scuba Diving, Breath work, Kundalini Yoga, Writing Children's Books, reading other people's books, chanting mantras and living in communities with inspiring projects and beautiful people. It's a wild mix of adventure and stillness, of complexity and simplicity. Like all of the best things. 

Thank you for journeying with me through Earth and Spirit. It's so good to have you here with us.

"Of all the thousands of years, and of all the billions of people, I'm just glad we get to share this one, together." 

With love and gratitude, 




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